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CHITCO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD was established in 2002, located in XiXiang, Shenzhen, with SMT, injection workshop, metal stamping workshop and 4 assembling lines. The annual production capacity is 600,000 units.


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  • Advantages of using hand-held vacuum machine

    Buying a food vacuum machine at home can not only extend the shelf life of food, assist the cooking method of vacuum cooking, but also avoid the smell of various foods in the refrigerator. Frozen ≠ Fresh keeping In the environment of – 1 ℃~5 ℃, a large number of ice crystal belts will be ge...

  • Sous Vide steak

    Sous vide steak Frying and grilling steak is not easy to master and requires experience. Moreover, when the fire is controlled, the taste of fried and roasted products is completely different from that of low-temperature slow cooking after vacuuming. How do you describe the taste of the steak mad...

  • Operation steps of flat bag vacuum packaging machine

    product description: The flat bag vacuum packaging machine is divided into semi-automatic dry and wet dual-purpose type. The safety filter device can vacuum seal liquid and a small amount of powder items; stainless steel air nozzle is suitable for general plastic bags, composite food bags, alumin...

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Smart design easy for operation. Precision Cooking keep the food/flavor primary taste.