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CHITCO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD was established in 2002, located in XiXiang, Shenzhen, with SMT, injection workshop, metal stamping workshop and 4 assembling lines. The annual production capacity is 600,000 units.


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  • Operation steps of flat bag vacuum packaging machine

    product description: The flat bag vacuum packaging machine is divided into semi-automatic dry and wet dual-purpose type. The safety filter device can vacuum seal liquid and a small amount of powder items; stainless steel air nozzle is suitable for general plastic bags, composite food bags, alumin...

  • Matters needing attention in the use of sealing machine equipment

    In today’s society, the real estate industry is the fastest growing, and the development of the sealing machine industry is a little slower than the real estate development. Because the demand for equipment in shopping malls is not lower than that of real estate, its development speed is re...

  • Recommended sous vide cooking dishes

    2022 is about to begin as a foodie, let's start with vegetables! The theme of this issue is " sous vide cooking " Recommend a series of sous vide cooking dishes I hope it can be used for reference. 1. Hot spring eggs with fried onions and caviar ...

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